Something Meaningful.

13 Feb

It took me a while to write, edit, post this writing. I’ve been busy studying for my exams, wish me good luck! For a few days I have been wondering, lost, asking. I didn’t know what to write about; till just a while ago, I figured why not write about a story of how wisdom has a found its way and started to build, flourish inside a soul. A man who’s very close to me; my grandfather. I guess you can see this writing as a narrative story; said to me by my grandmother and now am saying it to you -bunch of strangers-. So, I guess i like writing to you guys.[Oh, I would like to take a moment and thank you all for liking my ‘I guess I needed a second chance’ piece. A big thank you.:)] Anyway, let me begin…

I was sitting on a couch inside granny’s house, my 5 year old brother and my aunt’s son come up to me. Usually, us upper-class-Egyptions talk English and Arabic simultaneously. I love how these kids spoke English; fluent, easily, as if it’s their native tongue. It’s mainly because they grew up with everyone around them speaking good English. So, we talked a bit, played a bit. I love spending time around them. They leave, after a while.

Minutes later. I find my grandmother staring at me, locking the words in her mouth waiting for the exact right moment to burst into a conversation.It didn’t have to take her to speak in that strong, rich, clear voice of her’s for me to notice her simplicity, everything in her face pointed it out -crystal clear-.

HER: Come Nada, let me tell you a story about ‘Gedo’ (this is what we called our grandfather).
ME: Yea sure, why not? Am bored anyway.
HER: You already know. You were the only one who saw Gedo between your sibling.
ME: Yea, I know that. I am grateful, he’s such an amazing man. I love him, ‘Allah yerhamo’ (Arabic for Rest in peace)
HER: Back in the days, when I first saw Gedo, he looked firm, strong, yet caring. A year later we married, and as we grew older, our love grew even more. *CUTEE**I chuckle, then smile* As an old man, he was wise, of good judgment, pure confidence, and had powerful knowledge; that he learned from life and work. Nearly ‘kol el nas elly fel baldya w shar3na’ (Slang Arabic for All the people in our street and municipality) Came to him for advice, he was known for his wisdom, and advising People.
ME: Nana-what I call my granny- He’s seemed smart, sophisticated, persuasive when talking. He grew more inside my eyes. But, Nana, you simply don’t say something unless, it has a link to someone now. Ohhh, you say that I have the same characteristics as Gedo.
HER: No, you are a reckless teenage girl, combination of stupid and smart, mostly of good heart, and have an incredible sense of humor.

I laughed.
She completes.

HER: what I meant to say, that if you ever want to witness your Gedo’s actions and his nature again, watch your father, he’s an exact copy of Gedo.

She leaves.
Thoughts that ran inside my head during the conversation.

Is really my Father is an exact copy of Gedo? Can it possibly be? Don’t get me wrong, but I am thrilled, excited. In fact, I feel its an honor for my Father to be like Gedo. It’s true, because whenever people hear Gedo’s name, they go on and on of how amazing, warm, wise, and of good nature he was. It’s touching. I am proud. Proud of two wonderful men; Gedo and Daddy.

So, what I learned out of this talk; Is that in order to obtain Knowledge to obtain wisdom one must have good judgment, pure confidence, and knowledge. When a person has obtained these three distinguishing characteristics then and only then, will a person experience true wisdom. Even though these three characteristics seem to be easily obtainable most people will never truly experience wisdom. These characteristics are difficult to obtain individually, but can be obtained by following a few steps (which I think it’s a way to be obtained) The first step in obtaining wisdom is possessing good judgment. One must use their analytical skills to have good judgment. By analyzing each scenario a person is able to arrive at a positive conclusion. For example, the person must be able to compromise of the negative, and positive sides. Understanding the difference between good and bad is not always as simple as it may seem. There are times people do not use any judgment at all. There are cases where people go with their gut feeling. Therefore good judgment can only be obtained if the person is by analyzing the consequences of their actions. Only then, the person may reach a true wide perspective of the other person. This leads to pure confidence. I guess, confidence builds from the inside, it’s more like courage.

“Language is courage: the ability to conceive a thought, to speak it, and by doing so to make it true.”

As the pervious quote states, to me, or what I think. Pure confidence, is a language; it has the ability to conceive a thought, speak it through words: fine words, making the person feel confident. Basically, what I mean to say is that confidence only shows through a person’s words, talks. Not by actions. By words. As the more the person is able to send a message, a rush of curiosity, a thought. The listener will fall for their words, which is a talent that only a few can purse or even blessed with. Then knowledge comes in, and words again… For example, you pick up a book about anything, read it, flip through it you have gained knowledge through words, pictures. I fear that some of you readers; perhaps all didn’t quite understand my last part. My message, is that it’s cycle. That this leads to this. That knowledge, leads to pure confidence, leads to good judgement. I have came to a conclusion where, everything that affects the people mostly, and has majority is words… Yes, words my friends. Use them effectively, widely, in different mixed up ways.

It’s something meaningful…
Hope you guys like it.


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