On The Definition Of Happiness.

24 Feb

“Humanity greatest desire is to connect, to belong, and now we can see each other, hear each other.”

-through many social networks-.A lot could’ve started to think or already knows; that happiness is out there for whom seeks it. Yet, there are more people who are miserable than the happy ones. Define misery as you like; but to me, the word misery holds and captivates a lot of emotion, a dark story or a secret. By which their stories can be mainly told by the lonely, isolated, in grief ones.

Happiness toward every human is very different, varies from one to other to me-things that makes me happy- is that to hold my cup of coffee, tug under a blanket, and stare at an amazing piece of art that has the power to silence the whole world around me, a song that speaks for me, with this soft melody in its background, that makes me feel the ‘pureness of life’; not those mainstream songs that you have to buy on iTunes or download from the Internet. A small book, that has a collection of real good fine words, and has the ability to transform me back and forward through time; transporting me to a whole new, different dimension, letting me imagine it differently.

Happiness requires mental strength and a certain command on your perspective, the ability to look at the same thing whether its bad or good; (call it being optimistic) in a different way is a gift only a few possess. It’s essential to shield yourself from drama and sadness that does not directly affect your life and which you can not do anything to change; for example, the drama that you find yourself being magically sucked in by those who hate you, they use as it as a way to push you down further. These my friends are the people who are what’s wrong with this planet. Nevertheless, Such problems can affect your life negatively, and the empathy that comes with it is crippling. Suddenly, you will find yourself engaged in more drama, from online and offline useless debates about Political views; against it or supporting it. A human tragedy in a distant country, that wouldn’t directly affect your life, and you won’t be able to do anything to help it. We are already surrounded by such drama, why add more to your life?

So, to sum it up. On the definition of happiness and it’s pursuit, is to find
the true joys of life, everything else is considered sedatives, happiness is a lot simpler and it’s free.

Claim your free happiness and don’t sweat away the small stuff. Let your happiness be!


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