2 Mar

You get a moment of sudden revelation or sight. You catch yourself doing exactly what you made fun of and criticized, you make plans to take actions and you stick to them 2 days to the max, then you’re back to point zero. We then start to see ourselves as trapped inside a box, no matter how hard we try to escape we fail. We reach a point where we would turn to self help, therapy, drugs, but we are only sinking further. The only way to truly break out and escape the box, is to get rid of it all together. What would it take? A method, a plan, a person who simply keeps reminding you of the promises you made and never did. It may seem silly I know, but all of us has gone through such days once. It may sound easy, but it takes determination, self trust, and passion.

Since you have an epiphany and according to your life, you’re willing to change it to the better. Yet, your thoughts are paralyzed, incapacitated, and you can’t organize your thoughts for 2 minutes. You spend most of the time over thinking and what are you over thinking about? YOU HAVE NO DAMN IDEA. Your mind; the element that allows you to think, to act, to feel, makes you become fully aware of life and everyone around you; the faculty of consciousness and thought. So, so Perhaps the next time you have a headache, try to think of it as; your mind is an overdrive, filled with thoughts, analysts.

Form personal experience I knew that solitude might just be the antidote, over the course of 7 days. I escaped all that notable 21st century noise, all that pointless drama. I regained my mind. I was able for the very first time to see life clearly, able to see it from a different perspective, able to see life at its most pureness. Well, my life, able to see it free from all the city’s impurities.

So, to conclude. I mean it’s important to take a break from life; from time to time. So perhaps, you can take a train go anywhere, be spontaneous, be natural, be free, you never know, you might just find your calling.

Take a break, you deserve it…


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