A Secret everyone knows.

1 May

I’ll spare you the fancy. I’ll spare you the lengthy room conversation/debate and jump right into the ending. My conclusion. My perspective. Everyone has their secrets, there’s no doubt, no expectations. We all lie, we’re all hypocrites, we all hurt, we all judge. We’re pretty fucked up, like really fucked up too. Please, don’t go

“it’s society that’s ugly.”


“good people are out there”

Just for once I would like to see someone say the truth, and admit that we humans make mistakes, that we humans can be wrong. But, as I expected no will take the bullet and say it, everyone cares about themselves only, only themselves.

You aspire not to be, you build this realistic image in your head. A fantasy; a fairy tale, an academy award winning if you’re lucky. But never factual. Never real. You deceive yourself time after time, tricking yourself in thinking everything will be fine. Just then, you look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself as one big disappointed. Naked, vulnerable. Your soul will achieve wonders. You’ll regret a few of things and feel pride for others. I can only relate with half of that. Mistake after a mistake. Stumble. Hurt. Heal. Then that pinch. The pinch that has the power to put you in a state of torture. The pinch that leaves you “are you sure you won’t regret it? and “what are you doing with your life?It has the power to hunt you forever and some cases not knowing what to do anymore; basically long life depression.

It’s a moment when you’re drowning in the truth, because you can’t handle taking one more lie. After all, this is what life is about it simply goes, and don’t blame it on whoever knocked you down. It’s your actions and thoughts that got you where you are, made you who you are. You’re constantly drowning in realism. Drowning in the truth; that bitter, freezing cold truth that aims to strip you of all that is and once was. However, the pinch is often ignored and leaves that biting mark. Screwed up mark.

Time heals, I wish it didn’t. I wish to remember every pinch and every bite that came with a devastating mistake that hurt me and everyone around me. But yet, we stop and say we’re only humans. Naked. Vulnerable. Weak. But, since life holds nothing but misery. We avoid the truth by fake emotions. Embrace it, because that’s the secret everyone knows…


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