Wake up!

4 Jun

Note to self: Everyone’s is talking about what they deserve in life and what they deserve more, what life has given them and what life hasn’t given them enough. Everyone’s is concerned about the fact that its a give-take situation. Well, everyone is wrong. You don’t know what you deserve because you simply don’t know what you’ll get back in return. Basically, you have no idea about your giving because you’re busy counting them incorrectly. Stop. Stop, counting as if you’re some kind of a dysfunctional mathematical machine. You should be blessed that you’re living. Waking up everyday breathing. choices make the person; whether they’re good or bad. We’re just humans; we make mistakes; no one is meant to be perfect. You should be blessed with the miracle of life, because that’s what you deserve. We were given minds to use them efficiently and smartly to help us pass the days. Your life is waiting by every corner while your ignorance ignores it. Why? Because you’re off searching for some ancient treasure at the other end of the rainbow thinking its somehow magical. Rainbows are nothing but a spectrum of light that makes its way through the rain. Nothing magical, we’ve all seen it before. So stop wasting your youth! For Goddes sake you’re still young to wonder and worry about what you deserve in life and don’t deserve. Go off and about. Travel. Take the train, go somewhere and fall in love and life your life. we’re all still young; live life while you can. Live your life. Dust off your lantern knowing no genie will pop up with some three wishes up his sleeve. wake up and realize that living is all you’ve got.  


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