12 Jun

Absolution; a formal release from guilt, obligation, or a punishment. A declaration of forgiveness. Very compelling. It’s a full pardon to suspicion and a fact or a condition of being responsible. Absolution is an action for those who cause us agony and solitude will never know. Absolution is a wash away of guilt. A rebirth of a person who chose honesty and precision to live; of which in our nowadays society is a very rare thing as greed, and wrapping up in oneself have become more common. It has become a virus. A virus that seemingly out of nowhere, started spreading at the speed of light amongst those who are blinded by their ambition. Absolution is a chance to escape the transgression of those who came before us. The best among us will learn from their mistakes in the past. Only the senseless will commit the same mistake twice. Every story has two sides, so does every person one we only revel to the world and the other is hidden inside each of us, inside we hold the capacity for both good and evil. Only the decisive ones that blur out the other side; just then and only then these are the ones who hold true power.  


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