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12 Jun

Absolution; a formal release from guilt, obligation, or a punishment. A declaration of forgiveness. Very compelling. It’s a full pardon to suspicion and a fact or a condition of being responsible. Absolution is an action for those who cause us agony and solitude will never know. Absolution is a wash away of guilt. A rebirth of a person who chose honesty and precision to live; of which in our nowadays society is a very rare thing as greed, and wrapping up in oneself have become more common. It has become a virus. A virus that seemingly out of nowhere, started spreading at the speed of light amongst those who are blinded by their ambition. Absolution is a chance to escape the transgression of those who came before us. The best among us will learn from their mistakes in the past. Only the senseless will commit the same mistake twice. Every story has two sides, so does every person one we only revel to the world and the other is hidden inside each of us, inside we hold the capacity for both good and evil. Only the decisive ones that blur out the other side; just then and only then these are the ones who hold true power.  


Wake up!

4 Jun

Note to self: Everyone’s is talking about what they deserve in life and what they deserve more, what life has given them and what life hasn’t given them enough. Everyone’s is concerned about the fact that its a give-take situation. Well, everyone is wrong. You don’t know what you deserve because you simply don’t know what you’ll get back in return. Basically, you have no idea about your giving because you’re busy counting them incorrectly. Stop. Stop, counting as if you’re some kind of a dysfunctional mathematical machine. You should be blessed that you’re living. Waking up everyday breathing. choices make the person; whether they’re good or bad. We’re just humans; we make mistakes; no one is meant to be perfect. You should be blessed with the miracle of life, because that’s what you deserve. We were given minds to use them efficiently and smartly to help us pass the days. Your life is waiting by every corner while your ignorance ignores it. Why? Because you’re off searching for some ancient treasure at the other end of the rainbow thinking its somehow magical. Rainbows are nothing but a spectrum of light that makes its way through the rain. Nothing magical, we’ve all seen it before. So stop wasting your youth! For Goddes sake you’re still young to wonder and worry about what you deserve in life and don’t deserve. Go off and about. Travel. Take the train, go somewhere and fall in love and life your life. we’re all still young; live life while you can. Live your life. Dust off your lantern knowing no genie will pop up with some three wishes up his sleeve. wake up and realize that living is all you’ve got.  

A Deserted Mind.

9 Apr

If you as a poet, as a writer, as a musician, artist, or content curator can find the means to live a chill life then by all means do it. The delusions of Media make you think an artist has to live in constant tension and tilt, that an artist has to be completely fucked in the head in order to produce something/anything of worth that will last the ages. 

As a primitive writer I loose inspiration easily, and it’s not that my mind can’t find the words, no, it feels more of like something deep inside is missing and I can’t figure out what it is. I’ve always been inspired by the smallest of things, by a word, by a paragraph, but no matter what I do or read nothing is coming out. I hate this feeling. My mind feels like a desert. I’m like in a long dryness season, not one cloud is in the sky.

My writing tends to follow a cycle, it starts with research, writing small paragraphs then linking them together..obviously. Here’s a better way to say it; I go through this writing spree, where I write every single day, feeling like a machine tapping on the keys of the keyboard. Then, I go through another phase of no writing and they usually last longer than my -full mode beast-writing phase.

Writing is like rain, you don’t know when it comes. You just receive it with open arms, embracing it fully. I’d go wild if I pass a week or two without writing. I don’t know why but I do. Everything we see or hear could be the start of something new for our writing, it may not come easily nor fast, but when it comes, damn, the most of excellent and efficient work comes out. All I have to do is wait for it kick in again and take me by surprise.

Patience and simplicity is the key to your perfect piece of writing ever…

Why I write..

23 Feb

Why I write? I write to escape reality. I write because i cant be heard. I write for life; its second chances. I write because it brings out what my mouth can’t say. I write because I believe it can create a path in darkness. I write out of my experiences. I write because then I do not have to speak. I write with the shades of memory. I write for a smile. I write as a witness to what I have seen, touched, and felt. I write as a witness to what I imagine, and dream. I write for the love of ideas. I write for the surprise of a feeling, moment. I write for those breathtaking moments. I write for my addiction to words. I write to give voice to the voiceless. I write to seek help for the lonely, isolated, grief ones. I write to imagine things differently. I write as a hobby. I write because i want to be a hope, awaken the hunger, thirst for freedom. I write to make make my words as a hope, a comfort; make you feel like “yes, that explains me from deep inside.”. For when you cry and no is by your side my words will be. I write to make you feel, wonder how close we are, how close we can relate even though we’ve never met. I write to fill my soul, and for those who cant express themselves through words. I keep writing and suddenly, I am overcome the madness, the pointless, the ridiculousness of this list. I trust nothing especially myself. Then i realize it doesn’t matter, words are always an illusion, a puzzle. words are splinters from cut glass. I write because it is dangerous, a bloody risk, a lie, very strong, breaking; like love, makes your heart believe a lie, form the words, to say the words, to touch the loved, to be touched, to reveal how vulnerable we are, how weak we humans are. I write as though I whisper in the ears of who I love.
Why do you write?